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STVR Guide Hawaii

As you may be aware, the County of Hawaii has passed new legislation to begin regulating short term vacation rentals. As the property management company for many short term rentals, LUVA Vacation Rentals is staying abreast of the latest revisions from the County on the...


Kailua Kona based, LUVA Real Estate offers an exceptional collection of year-round luxury vacation rentals These executive estates and villas are found throughout the Hawaiian Islands as well as globally. Whether you're in search of a luxury property for a week, month or just a weekend...


How to Find a Great Luxury Vacation Rental in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii!
There are basically two ways to find a superb luxury vacation rental in the Hawaiian Islands:
On your own, or: Through an agency like LUVA Real Estate

If you rent on your own, you assume the liability and in many cases have no idea of the property or reputation. You could end up in a miserable situation, with lost time, money and fun. Life is short!