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LUVA Vacation Rentals is a boutique Real Estate firm located in Kailua Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Our Kailua Kona Property Management offers homeowners personal and customized services in the marketing of their properties for vacation rental to our discerning clients from around the world. Our Big Island property management team carefully screens potential renters to help ensure that your beautiful property is treated with the care and respect that it deserves, resulting in the creation of passive income to owners without the wear and tear associated with many vacation rental properties.  LUVA prides ourselves on treating your property as if it were our own and not “just another rental unit” to be added to our portfolio.  Each property is inspected by a LUVA team member or affiliate and recommendations can be made to enhance the potential desire to the clientele you wish to attract.

LUVA believes that each property and property owner is unique and therefore a “one-size fits all” approach rarely fits anyone.

The Big Island property management staff at LUVA works with our property owners to determine what the desires are for the rental management of each individual property and puts a specific marketing plan in place to meet those needs. The Vacation Rental marketing program will be designed to your specifications, and then all of the details will be managed by the LUVA team.  Homeowners have the freedom to determine what channels they would like to market their properties including the LUVA Vacation Rental website, our international partner websites, vacation rental platform sites, social media, blogging, and direct marketing to past clients.

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