Are you thinking about a vacation to Hawaii? Do you want to be part of the growing amount of visitors who want to lessen their impact on the Hawaiian Islands? Did you know that Hawaii Island is no longer recycling plastic unless it is HI 5? Did you also know that our coral reefs are in danger due to years of damage from chemical sunscreen from the millions of visitors to our island? 

Luva Vacation Rentals is dedicated to helping protect our fragile ecosystem and educating visitors so everyone can see and enjoy the beauty that the islands offer. Here are tips for doing a few simple things that when done by many, can have an amazing positive impact on this island. 

How Can You Help Hawaii Island? 

Hawaii Island is working towards getting items diverted from our landfill. By bringing a reusable bottle, you are taking water bottles out of the landfill and we hope you will consider this with any throw away plastic you consider using while on the island. Most restaurants here are switching over to paper straws so we can keep the plastic out of the ocean. If you don’t like paper, you can bring your own stainless steel reusable straws! 

Check Your Sunscreen. It May Be Killing Our Coral. 

In 2021, all chemical sunscreen with oxybenzone will be banned for sale and use in Hawaii. This chemical is having a damaging effect on the island’s reefs and coral. We are asking our visitors to avoid purchasing and using chemical sunscreen, and instead purchase and use mineral sunscreen with zinc and/or a rash guard to protect our fragile reef system. 

If you bring your own beach towel, that is one less thing that the hotels have to wash for you, which helps save energy and water. 

The Sustainability Travel List 

Here is a list for you to consider when you are planning and packing and when you arrive on island to help you protect our fragile environment and assist us ALL in keeping Hawaii the paradise we love and enjoy for now and in the future. 

Before you pack for Hawaii, here is what you should bring:

  1. Reusable water bottles 
  2. Reusable drinking straws
  3. Rash guard
  4. Mineral sunscreen 
  5. Beach towel 

After you arrive:

  1. Avoid purchasing single use plastic containers 
  2. Buy from farmers markets and avoid the plastic packaging
  3. Drink from glasses and use silverware
  4. Recycle HI 5 containers 

In your hotel or condo:

  1. Turn off the lights, fans and A/C if you are leaving 
  2. If you don’t use the small plastic shampoo/conditioner, they won’t replace them.
  3. Fill your reusable water bottles with ice, instead of refrigerating plastic bottles

At the beach parks, outdoor areas

  1. Pack out what you brought in
  2. Avoid using spray on sunscreen in public areas
  3. Wear a rash guard if possible to lessen the need for sunscreen 

Considering the actions you take on our island is a start to ensure that the Hawaii you are enjoying today is the same Hawaii future generations will enjoy. Tourism is the single biggest factor to the health and sustainability of our beautiful island home and we encourage you to help us spread the word, and the Aloha, to everyone you know traveling here. 

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