As you may be aware, the County of Hawaii has passed new legislation to begin regulating short term vacation rentals. As the property management company for many short term rentals, LUVA Vacation Rentals is staying abreast of the latest revisions from the County on the ordinance and the procedures they want from property owners.

We are helping our clients with the paperwork and making sure they are compliant with the new laws. We want to share this information with you by creating this brief resource guide.

The recently adopted Ordinance 18 114, also known as Bill 108, regulates short term vacation rentals (STVR) in Hawaii County.  

The new law:

1) defines where the use will be allowed

2) establishes provisions and standards to regulate this use

3) provides an avenue for an existing STVR to apply for a Nonconforming Use Certificate that would allow continued operation outside of a permitted zoning district.

This ordinance has come with its fair share of perplexity about how the County will enforce it and how will vacation rental owners comply with the ordinance and do they qualify to keep their property as vacation income property. 

LUVA Real Estate and Vacation Rentals put together the following information to inform you about the ordinance, how it may affect you if you own a vacation rental, how to apply to the County for approval, and some avenues to meet other vacation home owners to learn more about the issue as it unfolds. 

LUVA Real Estate has written two informative blog posts concerning what the bill is and who it affects:

Background Information

1.What You Need To Know About Bill 108 Regulations On Short Term Vacation Rentals In Hawaii.

2. Bill 108 Is Now An Ordinance-How Will It Affect Vacation Owners and New Buyers

How to Register For A Legal Short Term Vacation Rental

County Links:

Application Packet for a STVR registration and/or non-conforming use (NUC) application. 

On the application, you will see 13 different items you will need to gather and submit with the application to the County.  All operators of STVRs are required to submit a vacation rental registration form and pay a one-time fee of $500.00 by September 28, 2019.

Go to the Hawai‘i County Real Property Tax website and “Search Records” to retrieve and print out a copy of the real property tax records for your property, showing all applicable building, electrical, and plumbing permits.

Obtain a list of affected property owners/lessees with a list of names, mailing addresses, and tax map key numbers of all owners and lessees of record of all lots of which any portion is within three hundred (300) feet of any point along the perimeter boundary of the STVR property. Go to the  Hawai‘i County Real Property Tax website and use the “New Web Access Portal” to retrieve and print out the surrounding property owners list.

Join the Conversation:

The Facebook group- Hawaii Island Property Owners Association is focusing on the effects of the bill on their properties and how best to comply. They are also looking for more members to join their voice in protecting private property rights.

LUVA Vacation Rentals is working directly with our owners in providing assistance where we can in helping them comply with the new ordinance. We welcome new vacation rentals into our pool and we also offer property management services for long term rentals, as well. If you would like to discuss placing your property with us, please contact us today.